Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

IMPETUS believes and recognises that its actions in the market should not be focused only on economic issues. IMPETUS interprets its role as a combination of duties, obligations and commitments to all the specific interest groups that depend on its activity: its shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and competitors, the media, government, unions and specific interest groups.


IMPETUS Portugal – Têxteis, S.A. thus believes that the fulfilment of its long-term targets must necessarily be based on strict compliance with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

IMPETUS thus assumes the conviction that everyday concerns must be based on a strong sense of social and ethical responsibility and an awareness of the impacts that its activity causes.


IMPETUS Portugal – Têxteis, S.A. assumes a commitment to the following Social Responsibility principles:

  • IMPETUS does not use or accept the use of child labour;
  • IMPETUS does not use or accept the use of forced labour, whether by means of physical coercion or by means of threats or other forced methods;
  • IMPETUS guarantees and promotes compliance with standards of safety, health, hygiene and wellness at the workplace;
  • IMPETUS guarantees the right to association and representation, in accordance with the will and free choice of its employees;
  • IMPETUS condemns any form of discrimination, treating all employees with dignity, courtesy and respect;
  • IMPETUS guarantees working conditions that respect working hours and legally established wages;
  • IMPETUS identifies and manages exposure to risks arising from the economic, environmental and social impacts of its activity;
  • IMPETUS complies with all domestic and European legislation, as well as ensuring that it follows and is up-to- date with the recommendations of organisations of which it is a member, related to its sector of economic activity;
  • IMPETUS preserves the environment and promotes the adoption of environmentally-responsible practices in its value chain;
  • IMPETUS supports and respects human rights, protects the right to work and promotes a balance between working and family life;
  • IMPETUS ensures continuous improvement of its Social Responsibility Management System.

IMPETUS Portugal – Têxteis, S.A. is currently recognised as a responsible Group, not only for the company's core business, but also with regard to the benefits deriving from preservation and improvement of its environmental and social environment.


In addition to its commitment to all, IMPETUS Portugal – Têxteis, S.A. intends to continue to follow a path of continuous improvement, which assumes as structuring principles of its actions respect for employees' rights, responsibility for the defence and protection of the environment, transparency in its external relations and a contribution to sustainable development.


IMPETUS Portugal – Têxteis, S.A. is fully committed to this Social Responsibility Policy and undertakes to periodically review its performance, defining preventive and corrective measures to ensure its outstanding performance, whenever necessary.


The values and standards that regulate the actions of IMPETUS Portugal – Têxteis, S.A. are defined in its Code of Conduct and are the foundations for its relationship with all those who directly or indirectly interact with the company.


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